Amstar Payroll

Amstar Payroll are a team of experienced and qualified accountants.

Our service provides

Outsourcing for accountants is at a special agent’s rate.

¬ £1. Per payslip or CIS voucher,      Minimum fee £10 per month

¬ £1. Per bank transfer.

¬ £5. Per month administration charge       including year end P35 preparation,     charged annually.

Fees covering our services are:

Computerised payroll


Preparation of P11D Statement of Benefits and Expenses

 ¬ £20. Per hour

New payroll set up fee from £25. Up to 5 employees

Writing contract of employment and basic employers policy documents £20.

Useful LInks



Construction industry ( CIS )



- Monthly, weekly, 2-weekly, and 4 weekly pay

- Sick and maternity pay

- Holiday pay

- Pensions deductions

- Expenses and benefits

- Student loans


- Cash make up and calculations

- Payroll summary

- Inland Revenue payslips P30


- Legislative annual reports P35, P14, P11D

- Employer summary for each period

- Annual summary for each employees

- Pension contributions summaries

- Sub-contractors verification

- Monthly CIS 300 report


A payroll summary is also provided for input to your bookkeeping system.


We process payroll immediately on receipt of your advice.